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The Christmas tree collection dates are January 14th and January 21st. All ornaments, tinsel and garland must be removed from the trees. Trees should not be left in a plastic bag at the curb. Residents also have the option of delivering their Christmas trees to the designated area in the northern portion of Boland Park, behind the baseball field backstop.


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Health Sciences Campus


Village Board

The government of the Village of Johnson City is comprised of the Mayor and four Village Trustees.
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Residents & Guests can find village forms here.
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Village Code Book

Johnson City residents and developers are often in search of a copy of the Village code book.
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Contact Us

If you have a concern or question regarding the Village of Johnson City, we want to hear from you.
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Alternate Street Parking

Alternate Street Parking will now be in effect from December 1st through April 1st.
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Flood Protection Information

Community Rate System (CRS) ACTIVITY 350
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Yard Waste Pick Up

Weekly yard waste collection in the Village will be discontinued for the winter months.
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Village Calendar

View the official calendar of events for the Village of Johnson City.
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Please follow these tips in order to keep our recycling program successful. Remember recycling is mandatory.

  • All containers (glass, metal, plastic & waxy coated milk cartons are recyclable). Rinse clean, remove lids, labels & flatten if possible. Place all containers loose in bin, including cartons (not in individual bags).
  • Only clean, unbroken glass jars & bottles are recyclable. (No broken glass, glassware, cookware, ceramics, light bulbs or window panes.)
  • Plastic jugs & bottles containing the recycling emblem numbered 1-7 are recyclable. (No plastic bags, lids, trays, auto fluid containers of any kind, styrofoam or unmarked items).
  • Clean aluminum foil & metal cans are recyclable. Rinse, remove labels & flatten. (No spray paint or auto fluid, motor oil cans; no cookware).
  • Place all papers, catalogs, telephone books & small cardboard boxes in PAPER grocery bags, or bundled. (No plastic bags, soiled papers or hardcover books).
  • Cardboard boxes including clean pizza boxes must be flattened and secured in manageable bundles.
  • Items not accepted include soiled papers, frozen good containers, egg cartons, household hazardous waste, medical waste, plastic bags.

If you have any questions, call the Village of Johnson City refuse department at 797-3031